Our temporary Storage Pods are assembled on site and their modular, scalable design allows us to access the smallest, or largest, of spaces. We can even carry the Storage Pod through your house and assemble it in your garden. The temporary Storage Pod doesn’t require any adaptations to be made to your property or planning permission as it is a standalone structure.

Our Storage Pods eliminate costly removal expenses and the inconvenience of storing your items offsite. They are the perfect solution during property renovation projects when you still want your belongings nearby but desperately need the extra space.


The insulated Storage Pods are completely secure, weather tight and include lighting, temperature and humidity control. The Pod’s unique modular design makes it easy to assemble in any available outdoor space. No adaptations or ground works are required to your home before installation. The Pod can be erected on driveways, patios, lawns and paving. They are constructed in 2m wide x 1m long modules and any number can be installed together depending on the amount of space required.


  • No removal costs or transportation of goods
  • Reduces the stress of what and what not to put into storage
  • No need to travel to and from storage facility
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Temperature and humidity controlled
  • Belongings can’t get damp or mouldy
  • Secured with six-pin mortice lock
  • 24/7 access to belongings
  • No delays in having belongings returned
  • Avoids delays to programme of works
  • No minimum hire periods
  • No danger of damage to furniture during transportation and warehouse movements


Our temporary storage pods can be built to your desired size, from as small as 2m x 1m. Once you have determined what items need to be moved into storage our helpful guide can be used to identify the size of Pod that you will require.